Irish Whiskey Museum Tour (with Mandarin)

In celebration of the Chinese New Year the Irish Whiskey Museum are delighted to offer two special free guided tour with Mandarin interpreter Vicky Yanli Wang of the intriguing tale of Irish whiskey, its rise to glory, dramatic fall and of course, the current revival of new Irish whiskeys. This is an interactive experience you will never forget. Savour the captivating anecdotes by our entertaining guides as they bring you through this magical tale, never before showcased. at the end of every Irish whiskey tour there’s a generous whiskey tasting led by one of our master tasters. We save the very best for last!

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  • Venue Irish Whiskey Museum
    Date Sun 7 Feb & Sun 21 Feb
    Time 2pm
    Fee Free, booking required
119 Grafton Street, Dublin 2